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The mission of St Andrews School is to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and develop skills to prepare them to excel in an information-based, technologically driven society. Our staff, students & parents, are committed to developing confidence and competence in an inviting atmosphere that promotes lifelong learning.

We aim to prepare today's students to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world by guiding all students in the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills that will enable each one to become a productive and responsible individual in life. Students will be continuous learners who use critical thinking when solving problems, acquiring knowledge, and evaluating ideas.

St Andrews provides an educational program which develops academic and vocational excellence as well as critical thinking and communication skills. The curriculum promotes respect for cultural diversity, inspires an appreciation of the arts, fosters responsibility, self-esteem and self-direction leading to positive contributions to society

  • We believe the cornerstones of learning are integrity, empathy, responsibility, honesty, respect, and accountability.

  • We believe in success through healthy choices, civic responsibility, strong work ethic, and cultural awareness.

  • We believe learning requires a commitment from students, teachers, administrators, support staff & parents

  • We believe all people should be global citizens in a changing world.

  • We believe that an educational environment should be physically and emotionally safe and supportive

The emotional and social growth of our students is considered an integral part of our curriculum.

St Andrews School provides a nurturing environment in which children feel valued & strive to achieve academic excellence and develop skills that will help them to enjoy a life that is filled with success and personal fulfillment

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