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Advantages of developing your system from our facility in India

  • We carry the development overseas to India, to get the project done successfully with 40% to 70% savings to our clients.

  • India's software industry is expanding by almost 50% each year.

  • State of the art high-speed satellite links now enable most development work to be done in locations throughout India.

  • India produces almost double the number of highly skilled, English speaking computer science graduates than any other developed country.

  • The salary range of Indian Software professionals executing offshore projects is almost 2-3 times less than their counterparts in developed nations.

  • The major chunk (almost 70%) of India's Software development comes from foreign clients. In the global IT market, India has a share of approximately 17%.

  • By 2008, software exports from India are expected to reach $50 billion.

  • By 2003, software exports will account for about 25 per cent of India's total export earnings.

  • Software development accounts for almost 70% of India's IT professionals population.

  • Indian software professionals have a major share in developing some of the most vastly used software packages including all versions of Microsoft Windows Packages.

  • The Indian Governments has earmarked software as the major area for exports & has taken initiatives to promote India as the major software exporter in the next decade.

  • Reliability - Indian software companies & San Marina Infotech believe in adherence to delivery schedules and customer satisfaction by using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Cost and Timesaving - Offshore software development in India with the use of high-speed data communication links (64 kbps and above) provide immense cost and time savings.

Companies around the world have realized that to remain ahead of their rivals, they need to reduce costs, provide the best quality, use the latest hi-tech skills and be reliable and innovative. They are able to derive all these requirements through a single source - The software industry in India.

Even though we at San Marina Infotech have concentrated on Client- Server Based Software development we have also been involved in some major web based projects. Some of these are:-

  • The largest website by an educational Institution in India -

  • Our corporate website

  • One of the 1st independent Integrated News website called Headline digest.

San Marina Infotech has drastically changed the way businesses and institutions communicate. We have a large pool of highly talented software & Hardware Professionals. We have drawn together a group of outstanding individuals with diverse fields of experience and skills,. We are proud of our ability to attract the best and brightest people. Through a spirit of co-operation, teamwork and comprehensive training, our people are able to deliver the right solutions for your business.

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